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Dejan Deki Markovic was born in a small coastal town in central Europe. He was raised as a musician and a trumpet player. But he wasn’t only interested in music; he was also open-minded for business opportunities. He was always wondering what the successful people were doing, and he made sure to learn from them. Also, while doing business he came across information regarding the emergence of Cryptocurrencies on the world/market. This information captured more and more of his attention as he saw how Cryptocurrency was becoming a big new trend.

At first, he started searching for information about Cryptocurrencies from internet sources. But the real knowledge came from professionals in the field itself. He met a group of very good hidden people who offered him the possibility to learn from the best. Since then Deki has been a Crypto Specialist.

Today he is a successful entrepreneur, and he is helping people and companies around the world to acquire basic and advanced knowledge about this industry with endless potential. He calls it “the next generation of the financial system.” And if you want to be part of it in time you should read this book and then jump on the train—harbouring the knowledge that, one day, Cryptocurrency will be part of financial literacy for every man on Earth.


Learn How to Use the Next Generation of the Financial System to Win

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